I want to tell anyone who will listen about Karla Brewster as a breeder, trainer, and someone I can call friend.  I was looking for a Rottweiler Puppy as a companion for my older Rottie, but also to have as my own, when the time comes that I may not have my Nisha.  I found some beautiful pups on a web site for breeders, and inquired about anything and everything I could possibly think of.  One reason for this, is I am in Texas and this new puppy was in Florida!  After thinking and knowing that this was the rottie puppy for me, I bought Nadya aka Abby (her name prior to coming home to me), and was beyond excited about our new arrival.  To my surprise, Karla contacted me and we visited over the phone for close an hour!  There was an immediate kinship about our love for Rotties, and the fact they are family members to those of us who really know about and love the breed.  Karla called me the morning I was leaving for Dallas to pick Nadya up at DFW  Airport, Karla was like the anxious Mom sending her baby off to camp!  I was just as excited about my new arrival!  The minute the cargo handler brought me the dog crate carrying Nadya, it was absolutely love at first sight for both of us.  Nadya was everything that Karla said she was, from her demeanor, build, etc.  Nadya to my surprise when I put her lead on her to take her for a walk and potty break, knew what the lead was, and walked by my side, stopped and sat when I stopped.  When we returned home, I had Nadya on her lead from my car to the door, when we got to the door, she sat beside me and waited on my to open the door and enter, then she entered.  Now, mind you Nadya was 8 weeks old when I got her!  I was blown away with what she already knew!  House training was a breeze, she caught on immediately where her spot was in the back yard, and of course she realized really fast when she potties outside, when she came into the house there was play time with me and her favorite toy and or a treat.  Nadya has grown into a beautiful, gentle and very special part of our family.  Nadya's demeanor makes her a perfect candidate to use as a Therapy Dog, and even a Service/Assistant Dog. I have read about different Breeders and Trainers, and I am sure there are some really good ones out there.  But, as far as I am concerned none of them can begin to hold a candle to Karla!  She has such a great passion for what she does, and that is what sets her apart from any Breeders/Trainers.  I look at it like this, anyone can use the title Breeder or Trainer, but it takes a special person to take the time, effort and passion to train the dogs to be the very best they can be as a Service Dog, or Assistant Dog for their handlers.  I know that at anytime I have a question, concern or even an idea of what I may want to train Nadya to do.  I can call Karla and run it in front of her, get her input and tips and know that Nadya and I will be successful in reaching exactly what we set out to do!  So, grateful to have found Nadya, through Karla, and in that a new friend!  If, you are looking for a Trainer and or Breeder and you are serious about what ever it is you are wanting, then Karla is who you need to contact.  You will have exactly what you want when you buy one of her pups, or have her train your dog for your specific needs.  I can't say enough about Karla and what she does.
Donna Graves
Lubbock, Texas