I Apprenticed under Author/Dog Trainer Joel McMains for a year or two---enjoyed that immensely and learned well from it.  

I worked with AIM HI, a military work dog program based out of Ft. Knox and Ft. Leavenworth---training inmates to train service dogs for disabled veterans, and family members who were disabled.  I spent about 5 yrs with that program and Susan Bass of Canine Specialty Dog Training, in Kansas City, Missouri(she was the head trainer for AIM HI)

I was an associate trainer for Susan Bass at her many dog training courses, geared to teach others to train dogs!

I continue to train service dogs for people all over the world, and have trained dogs in Italy, Mexico, Panama, the Virgin Islands, France, Spain, Portugal, and All over the US!

I breed an occasional litter of puppies.  Rottweilers and Labradoodle.  All of my dogs have health clearances prior to being bred.

I love photography, scuba diving, travel, writing and reading....Life is short, I believe...Have fun!

I am currently owned by 2 Rottweilers, Astra and London, and a Standard Poodle, PoodleHead#2


I have been training dogs since the ripe old age of about 3....I got my first dog when I was just 6 months....By the time I was 3, he would walk across 2x4's on buckets, jump into my bedroom window at night, play bang bang dead dog...He was a collie, who shared my date of birth---so dad brought him home....

I got my first pony about that same time, give or take a few years...He was a bit mean...A shetland pony, that I quickly got lined out...except that he would forever try to eat my brothers!

I had many dogs throughout my childhood, all farm dogs....

As I grew up, I knew animals were going to be a big part of my life....much to the chagrin of my parents...

I received my first paying dog training client when I was about 14...it was my aunt's standard Dachshund...he was aggressive and I was paid 50.00 to train him for her...that was in the 70's....

I showed dogs, horses and cattle in 4-H...Showed cattle professionally for a neighbor, and Horses professionally as I got the chance.

In 1989, I was given the chance to go to dog training school...Which I did.  National K9 School for Dog Trainers, located in Columbus Ohio...Spent 6 weeks there, and graduated as a "Master Dog Trainer". 

I also attended St. Augustine Dog Training Academy, where I graduated with the title "Certified Dog Trainer".

About Karla Raye Brewster